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  3. 「It’s OK!」テキストデータダウンロード


「It’s OK!」テキストデータダウンロード





目次 タイトル ポイント文法 Wordデータ
1I am a singer.be動詞(現在形)Word
2Are you happy?be動詞(現在形)の疑問文・否定文Word
3I was in Akihabara last week. be動詞(過去形)Word
4Were you in Hakata last week?be動詞(過去形)の疑問文・否定文Word
5I sing every day. 一般動詞(現在形)Word
6Do you like music?一般動詞(現在形)の疑問文・否定文Word
7I studied math yesterday.一般動詞(過去形)〈規則動詞〉Word
8I bought many clothes.一般動詞(過去形)〈不規則動詞〉Word
9 I didn’t watch TV yesterday.一般動詞(過去形)の疑問文・否定文Word
10I am running in the park.現在進行形Word
11I was having lunch with my brother.過去進行形Word
12I bought a new bag.冠詞のつけ方Word
13I have many fans.名詞と複数形Word
14This is my cat.代名詞の使い方Word
15Where did you go yesterday?疑問詞のいろいろWord
16I want to be a famous singer.いろいろな不定詞Word
17Speaking English is a lot of fun.動名詞Word
18She is older than me.比較級Word
19She is the most popular of the 48.最上級Word
20I can speak English.助動詞canWord
21I must win.助動詞must,mayWord
22I will be No. 1 in the future.助動詞willWord
23 We’re going to sing in the USA.be going to / have toWord
24This song is loved by many people.受け身Word
25Am I loved, too?受け身の疑問文・否定文Word
26Shall we sing songs together? 会話表現①Word
27Can you help me?会話表現②Word
28I love my fans. 現在形Word
29I became No.1 in this group.過去形Word
30I will leave the group. 未来表現Word
特集 不規則動詞の変化表 Word
実力テスト Word